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Mucho International is proud to present a large collection of mobile cases and covers. All our cases transcend subtlety to a new level altogether, while improving overall usability and convenience. Our products are made from high quality materials and are superior quality finish to provide a great fit no matter what size, type or form factor of device you use.

At Mucho, explore an amazing array of products meant exclusively for mobile phones.

Flip Cases and Covers

These offer incredible protection to both sides of your device. While the rear portion acts as a replacement to your phone’s back panel, the front has convenient cut-outs which allows you to talk with the cover shut. The rugged material on the outside is coupled with soft fabric within, which gently cleans your phone screen and provides sturdy protection.

PC Back Covers

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive, value for money protection option for the back panel of your device, look no further than our PC back covers. Just snap your phone in, and you have extra protection from scratches and fingerprints, for the back and sides of your device. These covers come in many interesting colors and designs to meet your specific preferences.

TPU Soft Covers

TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane is a great material for phone cases thanks to its durability and ruggedness. Our TPU soft covers are extremely convenient to use, while providing your device some added protection against bumps and scratches. These covers do not attract lint and can be used for years owing to their superior toughness.

Transparent Case

If you want added protection for your device without having to change its external appearance, our transparent cases can be perfect for you. These provide adequate protection while causing no aberration or impediment to your phone’s natural look. Built with strong, durable material, these cases can last long.


Mucho cases come with the promise of quality, durability and comfort. We provide custom ordered mobile phone accessories tailored according to customer requirements. We also have rewarding business collaboration with various corporate, retail and OEM entities.

Our industry endorsed end to end solutions span product design and development, prototyping, project management, production, quality control, packaging design and development, logistics and deliveries.


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