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Mucho International strives to engage in meaningful business partnership with like-minded agencies and individuals who want to make a name in the mobile accessories space. We would love to collaborate with various business entities and sharing our products, processes and philosophies with them. These partnerships will help both of us grow and flourish over the years as proven by the multiple business engagements we have executed successfully in the last few years. As a result, we currently have a number of retail, corporate and OEM partners that add value to our company.

With our partnerships, we hope to build mutually beneficial, evolving business relationships. These will stand the test of time and allow us to contribute and receive positive things at the same time. Our important partnerships include –

Mobile Brands and OEM

For OEM vendors and brands, we have a full service partnership plan that includes every facet of making a solid product. These include design, development, prototyping, project management, deliveries and logistics. We help these vendors realize their business goals the smart way. We also provide them with quality products as per their demand, time constraints, and budget and delivery schedules.

Distributors and Retailers

We partner with some of the major LFRs (Large Format Retail chains) to bring out their own brand of Accessories in the market. We provide end to end solution on offering designs, development, production, packaging and deliveries at all locations in and outside the country.


Corporate entities that need custom mobile cases and accessories can get what they need by partnering with us. We provide specialized and bespoke products made to spec and with company branding and promotional taglines. Our products currently serve companies across diverse business verticals.


Mucho cases come with the promise of quality, durability and comfort. We provide custom ordered mobile phone accessories tailored according to customer requirements. We also have rewarding business collaboration with various corporate, retail and OEM entities.

Our industry endorsed end to end solutions span product design and development, prototyping, project management, production, quality control, packaging design and development, logistics and deliveries.


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